What to expect during your newborn session

To get the most out of your newborn session, I advise to keep your newborn awake for at least an hour before the session. Once you arrive, I will ask you to undress your baby to the nappy, and wrapped in a blanket and if baby needs a top up feed to get sleepy, then would be a perfect time to do so.
Whilst you are getting settled, I will ask what colour schemes you like, and also what prop /container.

As your newborn will be naked for most of the shoot, please do not be embarrassed if your little once decides to have an accident. This is perfectly normal, and I am usually surprised when this doesn't happen!

I may ask you to help me position your newborn, or be a 'spotter' for me whilst I take a shot, especially the composite images. Newborn safety is paramount and I ensure your baby will not be left in an uncomfortable position etc. My sessions are very much led by your baby, so if he.shoe doesn't like a certain position, we will move on to the next thing.

Top up feeds are sometimes advised if the baby becommes unsettled at any point.


What happens if my baby doesn't sleep?
* Don't worry, capturing awake shots of newborns are just as beautiful as asleep ones, but I will be restricted to not using props until baby is in a deep sleep.
9 times out of 10, there will be at least a few minutes within a session where baby sleeps! I'll just have to work quickly!

What do I need to bring to the session?
* Sometimes, the sessions can last up to 4 hours, so I would suggest bringing along a snack or two just in case you get peckish! I do offer an endless supply of tea's coffee's and biscuits though! ;-)